''Dream Catcher" art-festival


The show is on view at Black Square Gallery, Miami,  from November 29th.

''Dream Catcher" is an annual festival which takes place at Black Square Gallery every December. It was conceived to present young promising artists from around the world to collectors, critics and all art-lovers who come to Miami for Art Basel Miami week.

"Dream Catcher" is not the result of a competition or a special search. We invited artists we met during the year at exhibitions, fairs and festivals. Festival doesn't have fixed standards for exhibits but, there are installations and unusual media art.

In 2011 festival will present seven artists from the US, Japan, Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Ukraine.

Anibal Vallejo (Colombia) - embroidered pictures

Emilio Garcia (Spain)- Jumping Brain sculptural project

Pablo Lehmann (Argentina) - cut-out paper and shadow installations (with Sigmund Freud quotations from "The Interpretation of Dreams")

Ryan McCann (USA) - wood burning works

SYN group - "X-Files" project

Taro Hattori  (JapanUSA) - installations with light, photography and the artist's poetries

Zhanna Kadyrova (Ukraine) - ceramic sculptures from "The City" series