"You invite me at night
Candles and a few cocktails
Molotov was the third"
Igor Guseev

"Earlier the ideology dictates concrete things: who the soviet man is, what the soviet future is. Then it all have suddenly disappeared, and vacuum is only left. But what should it be inflated with - it unclear."
Sasha Rudenski

"If you learn how to accept "the other", you wouldn't be yourself in the common meaning of the word. "The other" is you. We are differ inside ourselves, but we don't always understand it."
Elena Petrovskaya

"Mistakes" in art - it's a part of you, and partly a texture, a form and a matter of a work, and it doesn't clear where is a form, a texture, a matter, they are flowing in one to another. But when form perfectly reflects matter it becomes a masterpiece."
Alevtina Kakhitze

"A man with the letter plate "for rent" on his neck became a symbol of the Crimea. So, they have yielded."
Vlada Ralko

"It's impossible to claim immediate changes from the time. They are already too quick. According to my inner feeling we all have straightened our shoulders."
Matvei Viceberg

"The only that art and young artists need is involving and dialogue. It gives them ability to develop, encourages them to find their own language. Not only visual but a theoretical and intellectual one."
Byern Gelhof

"A lot of creative people are in rather frustrating state and can't generate ideas. This period lasts from the time of revolution. Creative people are like naked nerves - they take it all through themselves."
Pavlo Gudimov

"For the decades I have a felling that could be described as "cruelty". You a and me also live in such times. It seems that cruelty left with XIX century, but it isn't. It was in XX century, and it exists in XXI century. But the cruelty even much frightening, it couldn't be compare with the XIX century."
Mykola Malysko

"The real painting llike a "black hole" absorbs time and space. Standing in front of such painting you lose physical felling of time and you fall into it like you are falling into antigravitation space continuum"
Tiberiy Silvashy

"It is going to be normal in the society now to watch the geopolitics like a conspiratorial soap opera, that realy exist".
Andriy Sidorenko

"Performance for us is construction of the real situations, a possibility to live them and get a new experience. After all, we only can understand something throught the living in it, not just watching it from a distance, but throught the participation in a process."
Public Movement

"All that you have learned in the university is trash. Art always exist thanks to gays and thieves, and the history of art is not a science. It's just a form of representation of what they have done."
Dario Pinton

"Talking about pain and searching the ties that lasts from the bottom of the soul to the society, to have a clear view and a courage to pronounce, to endure this pain, not only in the meaning "went through", but "pronounce it loud" - it's this that we, women are prohibited to do by patriarchal tradition - to air a dirty linen in public in order to make society better."
Oksana Brukhovetskaya

"When you have a post traumatic syndrome stress is getting in a habit - like Bosnian that have lived without running water and electricity, we should cope with it, for example, by working."
Oleksa Mann

"I don't think that it's worth to consider the circle of abilities to perceive the situation only as political. We mean that any occupation couldn't last forever. All that deals with place is permanently
Clemence Pul

"It's not a secret that our art community are always in state of permanent war of tendencies and groupments: official art against informal, modernists against postmodernists, new medium amateurs against "retrograde" representatives of traditional medium, "cold" conceptualism against "hot" transavantgarde. Let alone eternal conflicts between generations or hidden confrontation between capital and the provinces."
Mykhailo Rashkovetskiy

"Every war not only concerns just political and economics problems, but also actualizes problem of identification of every person, and that is a problem of cultural sphere. Because culture is a heart of the society."
Fredericke Mioshel

"A year and four month have passed since I came to jail. I'm working, getting used to hard and filthy life. It's frightful - a ferule. There are prisoners that are behind bars for a ten, fifteen years. Someone leaves jail and come back again in a month or two - they are thiefs,
recidivists. Cards and knifing are usual here. I am ridiculous, I don't know how to speak filthy language and I haven't got tattoos".
Sergei Paradjanov

"A passing-by-beholder - isn't a gallery visitor, he wouldn't think about beginning of some facts every time, because he have a work, a family and an evening show".
Catherine Ermolaeva

"We are terra incognita, in many ways because, for a long time our catalogues haven't published, we haven't attened the exhibitions and vice versa haven't received lots of European exhibitions."
Elena Zhivkova

"Sometimes there is noting else but a form. Mymost frightfull enemy is a mannerism - borrowing of form without any new matter".
Alevtina Kakhize